Portal Account

The user account profile consists of three tabs: Profile, Settings and Limits.


The profile consists of Name, Bio and Notifications email.

  • Name contains the user's nickname, which corresponds to the github account.

  • Bio may contain additional personal information. By default it is copied from github, but can be further edited.

  • Notifications email contains the email to which notifications from the Maru portal are sent.


On the Settings tab, the user can change the color of the portal theme for the user, as well as delete the user account. Deleting an account will permanently delete all user projects!!


The Limits tab presents the main limits for the user depending on the user's role. The system has the following indicators, which may have limits: the number of projects, the number of proofs per day, the number of events received in precalculations per hour and the number of precalculations per hour. These limits help protect the system from malicious use of its resources and attacks on the server.

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